Why is it so difficult for sports companies to go public| special column

On June 14, The listed company Rhine sports (sh000558) issued an announcement—— "The company originally planned to buy 63.34% shares of Chengdu Wen Lu by issuing shares. COVID-19 has made a great impact on the ski resorts nationwide, resulting in the continuous deterioration of the performance of Chengdu Wen brigade. After deliberations with the trading partners and careful study by the company, the company intends to suspend the major asset reorganization from now on, and when the conditions are ripe, the company will start selecting related matters again."


The truth of China's sports industry's

Just as the Tokyo Olympic Games was coming to an end, the State Council issued the national fitness plan (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). For a moment, sports concept stocks in the A-share and Hong Kong stock markets began to turn upside down again, but soon calmed down.