Company Profile

Bridge Connecting Finance and Industry

"Joint Deal" is taken from one word in the Analects of Confucius, "wealth and nobility are what everyone wants, but a man would never get them by dishonest ways. Poverty and meanness are what everyone abhors, but a man would never escape them by dishonest ways,” which also means" a gentleman makes money in a right way. " Joint Deal capital will abide by business ethics, take “providing financial services conducive to the growth of the industry "as the basic criterion, develop as the business grows.
Joint Deal capital was jointly founded in 2015 by senior investment experts and industrialists at home and abroad, has been rooted in global vision with independent thinking and research capabilities, taking value investment as the concept, using rich financial and industrial experience and connections in the industry, striving for China's high-quality enterprises to grow into global and respected great enterprises through private equity investments, buy-out funds, investment consultants and other services.

Business Overview

Boutique Investment Banking Business

Platform Investment Banking Business:Construct integrated information platform; break dominant information fortress in the industry; form the deals.
Exchange Trade Investment Banking Business:Further cultivate industry resources and increase customers’ value in trading based on senior research.

Boutique Investment Business

Profession: Fully understand and study the sports and sporting life; create perfect investment framework.
Concentration:Specialize on the sports and sporting life; accumulate substantial industry and project resources.
Empowerment: Provide management capability improvement, resources docking and human resources’ service before and after investment for investments and potential investments; provide M&A integration, asset securitization and IPO consulting services for item sides.
Ecology: Establish services of industrial capabilities; wholly provide resource interconnections and imports; make industry consolidation and coordination; enhance the companies’ efficiency.